Sep 12, 2013

The Human Body Detectives ~Osteoblasts To The Rescue, Apps, & Curriculum too

 Dr Heather does it again with another great ebook, the 4th in this series staring The Human Body Detectives.

 Osteoblasts to the Rescue
~ An Imaginative Journey Through the Skeletal System

In this story, the sisters discover why there are 206 bones in the human body.  Through their imaginations and wonderful detective skills, they take a tour of the human skeletal system.  I won't tell you more because you really should read it for yourself!

My Kids are learning so much about the different systems of the human body through The Human Body Detectives series.  Each and every book is full of adventure, funny and icky moments (according to my youngest) and great educational information that makes learning so much fun. Osteoblasts to the Rescue is the fourth book in this series and we love each and every one of them.  I can't wait for the next adventure with Pearl and Merrin ~ The Human Body Detectives.

About the New Apps for Kids!
The Human Body for Kids HBD series adventures are now available as apps! Enjoy 10 minutes of peas & quiet while your kids are entertained by a fun and engaging interactive adventure.

The Lucky Escape
Add the magic to your iphone or ipad now.

Battle with the Bugs
Add the magic to your iphone or ipad now.

A Heart Pumping Adventure
Add the magic to your iphone or ipad now.

Educational Description
The Human Body Detectives apps provide free curriculum for volume purchases; this curriculum is aligned to Common Core State Standards by a National Board Certified Teacher and provides student exposure to multiple intelligences.  Curriculum information can be found at Please contact with questions and links to the curriculum.

About Dr Heather:

Biography Heather Manley Dr. Heather Manley, is a practicing physician whose primary interest is preventative healthcare for families. She was inspired to write her award winning children's educational adventure series, Human Body Detectives, as she saw a need to teach children how their bodies work & what foods best fuel them. By creating the engaging & entertaining series, children are more apt to make healthier lifestyle decisions.

HBD series :
The Lucky Escape * Battle with the Bugs * A Heart Pumping Adventure * Osteoblasts to the Rescue

Twitter: @hbdetectives
 and @drheathernd
Facebook: #/HumanBodyDetectives


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  1. My daughter, Haley, would really enjoy this. She is really into learning about the human body. Thanks for sharing!


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