Sep 23, 2013

Just a Drop will undo unpleasant odors - Read my review on Mom Loves 2 Read

Place 1-2 drops into the toilet BEFORE you go and personal bathroom odors disappear BEFORE they enter the air.  All you leave is a fresh, clean smelling bathroom.  So say goodbye to aerosol sprays that only mix with the odors!

Just a Drop is essential for traveling.  Our mini bottles are 6ml in size but they pack a punch!  It's small enough to carry in your luggage, purse or pocket and it's perfect for when you're sharing a hotel room, or when you're on a cruise and have to use a small bathroom.  Just a Drop is also available in "On The Go" packets, which are 1 time use.

Just a Drop was featured on The Dr. Oz Show (Dr. Oz is a regular user of the product) as well as The Doctors TV Show.


My Review :
I was sent a small travel sample pack of Just a Drop for this review.  With a family of five, our bathrooms can sometimes not be a pleasant place to visit after one of "us" has been in there a while.  I thought this product sounded like one that would be a perfect addition to this busy household. 

Although it does reduce "personal bathroom odors" it works better if you use the drops a minute or two before going.  Not sure about others, but usually when I have to "go" I don't usually plan it several minutes in advance.  So, this may or may not be something others would want for everyday use.

Now, to use while traveling?  Definitely - my family took a short trip this weekend and when five of us are using one hotel bathroom, a little extra "help" is appreciated to keep the bathroom and hotel room smelling fresh.  I managed to keep one little sample to use during our trip and I think it did lessen the odor.
My conclusion?  Just a Drop is a nice product to have on hand while travelling (or even visiting friends) and it would probably come in handy during holidays and Super Bowl parties!

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