May 21, 2014

{Product Review} The CLASSIC cane made by Sabi

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

The CLASSIC cane made by Sabi, takes its inspiration from the sporting goods that enable people to lead invigorating, active lifestyles. It features a wide handle made from the same Baltic birch wood that is used in skateboards. It islLightweight and flexible, like
a skateboard.  The handle is engineered ergonomically for optimal pressure, balance and grip. The handle delivers the reassuring sensory input of touching wood. The wood is easy to clean and naturally hygienic and becomes more beautiful with age.

The CLASSIC cane has a one-piece, non-adjustable shaft made of high-strength aluminum; the same aluminum used for bicycle frames. Super-durable and powder-painted, just like a bike, it offers a much more stable alternative to the adjustable cane.

The cane has an air-cushioned rubber-based tip made from the same material used in hiking boot and running shoe soles for maximum stability, smooth walking at any speed, and superior grip on the most uneven surfaces.

The CLASSIC cane is the perfect walking cane and fashion accessory in one.

CLASSIC is made by Sabi:
Facebook: #/Sabibrand
Twitter: @sabi_brand

My Review :
Although I thankfully do not yet need to walk with a cane daily, I wanted to try the CLASSIC cane from Sabi to see if it truly lives up to it's description.  As a nurse, I have had quite a bit of exposure to canes and walkers of different types and styles as well as having family members who use a cane to aid in walking and stability.  Although an adjustable cane works for people of different heights, it often weakens at the connection after time.  Also, I have seen collapsible canes that often break at the joints if not used carefully.
MY favorite is usually the cane with 4 spread out legs - it seems to be the sturdiest yet can also trip up a user if not cautious.

The CLASSIC cane by Sabi seems to be durable yet light-weight, with a comfortable grip that does not slip even when I had wet hands.  The tip at the bottom was sturdy and did not slip when I tried it on tile and lanoleum floors.  It does not bend even when pressure is intentionally applied - yes, I had to do it for a true test!  The CLASSIC cane comes in three sizes and is meant to fit most adults - 31, 34 and 37 inches in height.

Another great use for this cane is one many will not consider but my 12 year old son did.  It makes a great hiking 'stick' as well.  Perfect for walking trails with his fellow Boy Scouts and climbing steep hillsides.  With its ergonimic and non-slip grip it helps aid my hiker on tough trips in the woods.  The cane works better than basic walking/hiking sticks and it fun and stylish as well - and it comes in a variety of colors in case you don't like the pretty Reef Blue that I chose for this review (he would have preferred Sage Green or Red)

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