May 29, 2014

{Review} Online Martial Arts Training Course for Kids ~ MOOC

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

The web's first Martial Arts for Kids MOOC (Massive Open Online Classroom).

Although the primary benefit of training in the system is self defense children will also gain in other areas. Such as:

Respect- They will learn the protocols and meanings of these
protocals. these are designed to teach respect for oneself and others.

Discipline- Our martial arts instruction is inspiring. Children will be inspired to work hard and will thereby naturally develop self discipline.

Physical Fitness - Classes are energetic. Kids will get lots of exercise.

Coordination - Shou' Shu' develops coordination. Especially due to that large amount of cross lateral motions. Cross lateral motions have been shown to enhance learning. Especially helpful for kids with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia or similar.

Ant-Bullying - Kids will learn to understand how to prevent bullying as well as determining threat level and appropriate responses.

Fun - classes your child is sure to enjoy!

The program includes 13 lessons and a handbook.

My Review:
With my childrens' busy schedules, school, music lessons, art, tumbling and more I just can't find the time to fit in everything I would like them to do - plus the cost can be outrageous for some of the activities we would like to enjoy.  So, when offered the chance to try out an online Karate Class for kids - I was so excited.
My son and I have previously taken a beginner class together but found that the cost and time were just too much for us to manage in our schedule so we had to drop that activity.

Now, I have access to an instructor and "class" anytime that fits in our schedule AND I can watch the instructions over and over until we get it right.  Much better than a little instruction to a lot of people that we quickly forget - now, we can watch and learn the moves over and over until they are correct without wasting the time of the rest of the "class."

I love how this program starts with very basics - correct stance, bowing, proper respect, and the correct terms/names for each.  It can be as slow or fast as the learner can handle and is easy to repeat a lesson anytime!  The instructor is easy to understand and goes slowly so that each move is repeated and done in a way to make it easy to see and learn. Highly recommended by this Mom Reviewer for kids (and parents too)!

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