May 6, 2014

{Review} Qure Alkaline Water ~ My new favorite Bottled Water

QURE Water is a perfect combination of pristine purified water infused with Mother Nature’s ALKALINE minerals. As a result, QURE has a distinguished smooth silky taste with a powerful and stable alkaline pH of 9.5+. QURE is the non-acidic beverage choice designed to complement an alkaline diet.

My Review :
Water should NOT have a "taste" in my personal opinion!  So, when I drink bottled water I can't stand to "taste" minerals or chemicals in it.  There are a couple of Brands of bottled water that I refuse to drink - no matter how thirsty because of the "taste."  When offered the chance to try a bottled water that has natural minerals yet is supposed to not have a "taste" I was super excited to give it a try.

Now, was I disappointed?
  NO, I was pleasantly surprised to find that QURE is now my absolute favorite bottled water.  It is clean and fresh without any weird "taste."  I love how refreshing it is to drink and especially love how pure it seems.  I feel better when drinking it.

I do have 1 complaint though - QURE is not in a store near me yet . . . but, it can be ordered online through!

Need MORE Convincing?  Why not put QURE to the Test?



Confused by “ates” with similar sounding names?
You’re not alone, so we’re bringing you the Qure play-by-play. Calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate sound similar and you can find both in common over the counter antacids, but the comparison ends there. These two little chemicals may be on the same team when it comes to alkaline water, but one of them is sitting on the bench, and the other is the star player.

Sodium Bicarbonate Stats

Sodium Bicarbonate is a household chemical known to most of us as baking soda. We use it for cooking and cleaning. For the scientists here, it’s classified as a salt with the formula NaHCO3. It is made up of two separate parts—positively charged sodium particles and negatively charged bicarbonate particles.
When you’re looking at properties in alkaline water it’s important to know that sodium bicarbonate has a pH of 8.3. It is also important to know sodium bicarbonate reacts with acid in dough to form carbon dioxide bubbles, that’s what makes breads and cookies rise. Sodium bicarbonate is the player who wears the jersey but doesn’t make a star contribution in the alkaline water game.

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