Oct 4, 2013

My Fav Posts Show Off Party Hits Mom Loves 2 Read once again - come link up!

Welcome to the 26th edition of My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party! It's the 1st Friday of the month and I am loving October already! I also love my 2 wonderful hosts:

Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures

Welcome back my awesome co-hosts for the month:

Susan from Mom Loves 2 Read

Danielle from Danielle Faith

We are adding a new co-host for the month of October! Please welcome to the October Family:

Sara from Sweet Silly Sara

That's 8 blogs where you can SHOW OFF your posts with maximize exposure! 

Let's SHOW OFF who we thought were awesome from last week's party:

Sara gave a thumbs up this week to one of our co-hosts, Cathy from A Peek Into My Paradise: "I liked this one because it is a peanut butter coffee cake complete with chocolate chips in the streusel topping... basically the stuff this pregnant lady dreams of!"

Penny enjoyed the post from Homemaking with Style:  "I'd love to use this post from Brittnei for Homemaking with Style...it's a letter to her 17 month old...it really touched me and inspired me to write more letters to my daughters and even create a letter box for Savannah's 1st birthday, everyone puts a letter or note in her box and I'll give them to her on her 18th birthday!"

Stacey loved what Vashti posted last week: "Growing up feeling that I was never good enough, caused a certain amount of depression and feelings of worthlessness. It makes me sad to see the news reports of bullying and belittling behavior that causes these children to feel depressed. Or parents that can't accept the child they chose to have with unconditional love." 

Cathy's favorite is comes from  Darlene Nemeth: "Great tips! One of my favorite movies is Pay It Forward. Love this post. Thanks for sharing!" 

My favorite from last week also comes from Vashti.  She writes about the stress of moving and I wholeheartedly agree! As a military brat who had to move every 2 to 3 years I loved her humorous tips to remember when the time comes to move house! 

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Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures is having an awesome giveaway that ends on November 1st. It's called The Big 1000 where she's celebrating 1000 likes and followers on both Facebook and Twitter. Who can't pass up winning an iPad Mini and a $50 gift card to iTunes? Check it out and enter here: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm turning 21 again for the umpteenth time next month! I'd love for you to celebrate with me! I'm looking for Birthday Partners to help spread a month long giveaway that starts November 1st.  I'm giving away $100 gift card to a grocery store of choice for the holiday seasons! If you're interested in partnering up with me, fill out the quick form here and I will contact you for more details. It'll be fun!! 

Ready to party? We are!! But first, some general guidelines before we begin: 

  • Link up your favorite posts. It doesn't matter which one, just make sure it's family friendly! 
  • Follow all 3 of your hosts
  • Follow all  co-hosts
  • Leave a comment if you'd like them to follow you too
  • Visit at least 5 other bloggers 
  • Show them your blogger love by leaving a comment  if you'd like them to follow 
Remember, it's not a party unless you mix and mingle, so mingle around and make some friends! 

Take our beautiful badge and proudly display it on your side bar to encourage others to party with us!

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Let's Party!!

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