Oct 15, 2013

The Goodbye Year by Toni Piccinini ~ Loving support for soon-to-be Empty Nesters.

The Goodbye Year is an inspirational, honest, and hilarious tale of Toni’s approach to the end of an era in the Piccinini household.

For many mothers, a child’s senior year brings about a serious look back on the past eighteen. Every event—from Halloween to Mother’s Day—becomes The Last Time.

Toni Piccinini knows exactly what that’s like, and in
The Goodbye Year, she offers the loving support every soon-to-be Empty Nester needs. Think of Toni as your bossy-but-loving Italian auntie, with modern sensibilities and a packed pantry. With the wisdom she’s acquired from saying goodbye three times to her own children, she reassuringly holds your hand while encouraging you through the insanity of the college application process, the rejections and the acceptances, and the teary dorm drop-offs. Even better, she reminds every mother that the best is yet to come—freedom, creativity, flexibility, and the Me Years.
Paperback: 264 Pages  
Publisher: Seal Press (September 10, 2013)  
ISBN-10: 1580054862  
Twitter hashtag: #TGYPiccinini

The Goodbye Year is available as a print and e- book at
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My Review :
Although it will be quite a few years yet until my first "goodbye year" arrives, I still found a lot of wisdom and wonderful advice for how to live day by day and enjoy each moment in my children's lives.  I love how the author creates empathy within the reader (or at least within me) as she shares her emotional ups and downs while striving to survive and embrace each "last" moment of her child's final year at home.  Her recipes are ones that left me quite hungry, especially as many of them are ones I'd love her to invite me over for - since I don't cook that well at home.  
I enjoyed reading this book and found myself crying at some points and laughing hysterically in others (just ask my kids, they gave me some weird looks when I kept laughing but wouldn't tell them why!).  It is a must read for any near empty nesters' or even ones who have already seen their child off to college.  A fun and fantastic read.

Toni’s writing career started when she stapled her first "book" together and launched
it at a reading attended by her brother, Scotty, and her Boxer, Lonesome. The title-less story was a mash-up of Hansel and Gretel, The Six Swans, and a Box Car Children adventure, with the protagonists (sister, brother, and dog) risking everything in their quest for a magical lump of coal that would save the town. It was an immediate success. During the fifty years between her first and second book, The Goodbye Year: Wisdom and Culinary Therapy to Survive Your Child's Senior Year of High School (and Reclaim the YOU of You) she has, in no order of importance or chronology

· opened a "Top 100" San Francisco restaurant
· published scientific articles on the efficacies of antibiotics
· sang the National Anthem at high school football games
· published essays, recipes, and cookbook reviews
· sent three children off to college

Toni lives in Marin County California, which is a long way from her Western Pennsylvania hometown, Heilwood. She is busy on her next book, which may revisit the power found in a magical lump of coal. 

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    Thank you for being a part of this tour - I absolutely love your site and enjoy working with you. This was such a fun book and the recipes truly are easy and so tasty!


  2. will be soon, have a teen who left too early due to his own demons


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