Dec 30, 2013

Blogger Tutorial - How to create a blog button with grab code - simple step by step instructions for blogger blogs.

I have had a few blogger friends recently ask me how they can create a blog button.
I have previously posted a step by step guide and decided it was time to repost for those who would like to make their own "button with grab code."

Here is what I have found to be the easiest way to make a Blog Button and Grab My Button Code for it. This is for blogger .

#1) Choose a photo, picture or logo that you have created or someone has created for you that represents your website or blog.

#2) Upload that photo to a website like

#3) Copy the "direct link" HTML code from the button on the website

#4) To put a "grab our button" on your blog:
 ~ copy the following html code.:

[div align="center"] [a href="" target="_blank"][img alt="YOURBLOGNAME" src="http://YOURPICTURE.jpg"/][/a][/div] [div align="center"] [form][textarea rows="6" cols="20"][a href="" target="_blank"][img alt="YOURBLOGNAME" src="http://YOURPICTURE.jpg"/][/a][/textarea][/form][/div]

~ open your blogger account and choose "layout"
~ click on "add a gadget"
~ choose "html" and wait for the blank box to load
~ paste the code you copied here into the blank box
~ change all of the "["  for these "(" and  "]" into these ")"   (I had to change them so you could see the code here on the blog post)
~ change the areas in RED to your info ~ add YOUR blog URL, your blog's NAME, Your photo's html link (direct link code from photobucket or similar site)
~ now click SAVE

Your new button with code should look something like this:

Enjoy your new button!

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