Dec 23, 2013

Copy Kids help little ones eat fruits and veggies - Do as I see teaching tools - Review & GIVEAWAY

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What is Copy Kids?

A joy-filled video and an innovative tool for parents who want to get children to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables.


It is broken into chapters. Each chapter is on a specific fruit or vegetable. You don't have to watch them all at once.

You do need to have the food available when your kids watch.
So if they are watching carrots, have a plate of carrots available while they watch.

For parents it is all about getting a child to eat... but for the child it is all about copying. They need to have the item right there in front of them while the kids on the screen eat so they can copy what the kids are doing. (Eating carrots.)

Don't worry that you will always have to have the DVD running to get them to eat. They will remember. They will mimic the behavior from memory once they have watched and eaten.

It sounds overly simple... but it is that simple. Kids like to copy other kids. So we provide peer role models to delight little ones into copying healthy behaviors.

My Review :
My youngest is 5 years old and at the top age that this video is recommended for.  I think if she had been introduced younger it might have made a difference but for us, she asked frequent questions about what each fruit and veggie were that she did not recognize but I have introduced nearly all of the fruits and veggies in this video to her in a variety of ways already and she had no desire to try anything new.  She did like watching the kids the first time but quickly got bored with the video by the end.

She did have a great idea though.  She wants to share her video with her younger cousins who are 3, 22 mos and 20 months old.  I think it is a great idea and plan to do just that as I've seen other's reviews and have read where many other parents of younger children have had positive results.  For us, unfortunately I think it is a bit too late to get her to try new veggies, but I'll keep trying!

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  1. Good luck to everyone who enters :)

  2. I like the Isabella apple girl video! So cute. :)

  3. This is such a good idea for kids!

  4. wow, my daughter has a 2 and 3 1/2 yr. old and neither of them likes very many foods. this is a fantastic idea...kudos!

  5. Yay thanks! I will have my cousins test it out


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