Dec 9, 2013

Fanny Foozle Preschool App ~ songs, games, rhymes and more - Review & Giveaway - Holiday Gift Guide 2013

My kids all love to play on my iPad Mini any chance they get.  But my youngest, 5 year old Lydia is addicted to the Preschool Games and Apps I've been able to download for her to play.  One of her new favorites is Fanny Foozle. 

FANNY FOOZLE, is a Fun smartphone/tablet application aimed at preschoolers. It is FREE through iTunes & Android Stores, but is $1.99 through Kindle Store. The Fanny Foozle StoryTime App is also FREE for kindle though! There is also a print book that can be purchased through

Fanny Foozle is a funny little character that sort of reminds me of a Jumping Jelly Bean, that sings, plays with her friends and even has a dog named Sam.  Fanny goes on
interactive adventures that young children will enjoy tagging along with.  Fanny lives in a town called Flamboozle which is filled with fun and funny characters that she loves to interact with on her many adventures.

Fanny starts each playtime with a silly, yet catchy song that I find gets stuck in my head at the oddest of times (like when I found myself humming it under my breath while grocery shopping - got a few strange looks from people too - lol)

Fanny Foozle has a fun story that children love to read along with or have read aloud to her.  Each page of the ebook can be interacted with so the child has fun while reading.  And at the end of the book there are fun games and coloring pages to keep the excitement fresh and fun.  Fanny Foozle is a great learning experience for preschool children. It gives each child the satisfaction of solving mysteries, having fun, singing songs, saying tongue twisters and learning fundamental life building lessons. It is positive developmental lesson set in a fun and fanciful world.

FANNY FOOZLE, is a Fun smartphone/tablet application aimed at preschoolers. It is FREE through iTunes & Android Stores, but is $1.99 through Kindle Store.

Lydia loves to read along with Fanny Foozle and her friends. She enjoys the games, songs and interactive parts of the story as well as the game Apps. I think most young children will love having their own read to me, or read along story and games on Mom's or Dad's iPhone or iPad - and having a funny and silly friend to interact with encourages them to use their imaginations as they play and sing along with Fanny and her friends! These apps are fun and engaging and my Lydia just loves them - she also likes to show them to her friends and cousins when they are over to play!

So, check it out on iTunes or Amazon - then, enter below for a chance to win a Print Copy of Fanny Foozle for the young reader to be in your life! Open to US only - must be 18 or older to enter/win!

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