May 5, 2012

Amazon $100 Gift Card Giveaway Sign Up Event


  1. You have a beautiful blog! I read about your mommy moment, but couldn't comment on that page. I have done the same thing with my girls when they ask for my food. I usually start with no honey, you just ate. But I rarely finish that sentence before I am surrendering my food :)

    Thank you for sharing the Amazon contest, I have not ever done one like this before. I have not done any that are linked through other blogs and it sounds exciting!

    1. Thanks for your great comment - and I'll check and see what the problems is with Mommy Moments!
      Yes, I do end up giving in way more than I should - lol

      And I've been joining quite a few of these giveaways hosted by other bloggers with great success! I'm currently cohosting my first giveaway set to begin on May 14th (my bday) and it is a TON of work, but with currenly over $1000 in cash and prizes and a possible surprise sponsor worth up to $2500 it looks to be a HUGE event with very few blogger signed up - here is the link if you want more info:

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