May 25, 2012

New blogger Opp - Wii bundle with Games Giveaway Event/fundraiser


Being Truthful, I am going to be holding this giveaway to help raise money for my friend. She is a struggling, working mommy who has hit REALLY hard times. I cannot help her the way I want to- so I invested the money to bring everyone this giveaway opp! We will be giving away:

Black Wii Console with Super Mario Brothers and CD - Includes Controller and Nunchuck
ARV $150
Built-in Wi-Fi Access For Easy Connection To Internet
Netflix instant streaming functionality allows for thousands of movies, TV shows, cartoons and more right on your TV
New Super Mario Bros. Wii offers a 1-4 player, cooperative or competitive experience

Games coming with this?! OF COURSE!
Drawsome! Tablet: ARV $60
Disney Sing It: Pop Hits: ARV $30
SpongeBob Boating Bash: ARV $20
Babys First Steps: ARV $20
Xtreme Fit Interactive Gaming System - NOT a Wii Game but it's Great for Mom and Dad ARV $75
OVER $300 in Prizes! YAY!

Cost of this giveaway: $5 for 2 links (facebook and twitter), $1 for additional links (up to 3 more) and $2 for a backlink.

ALLOWED: Networked, Linky, GFC, Pinterest, PicketFence, StumpleUpon, BlogFrog, Email Subscribers, ETC... If you don't know your proper link for these, please do not use them!
Payments must be sent to as A GIFT

Sign ups will end June 16th- So sign up NOW!
Referral Prize?? Of Course!
$25 PayPal Cash- will be $50 - Depending on Sign Ups!

Accepting bids for Hosting Pages- There will be 3 of you- and I will take offers until June 9th.
Remember All the Money is Being Donated to a Struggling Mommy. - You may donate more if you'd like to REALLY help out.

Post about this giveaway- remember you want as many people to sign up under your name for the referal prize! Simply put the button, dates and costs- make sure you mention it's getting donated!!!!

Join Facebook Group: #/groups/233271653455153/

I know being in another group stinks, but so does emailing individual emails and them all winding up in spam. Posting HTML here will be easier for us all!

READY Click to Sign Up...For Wii Win!
Make sure to say you were referred by "Loves 2 Read"


  1. i would love to win the wii just let me know where i can enter this is so cool that evne tho i didnt win theres always another chance for me to enter i really really want to win this smiles heres hoping

  2. I love video games....and your logo is sooo cute!! I will be checking back for sure...


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