May 3, 2012

Quick Rant about Google PageRank!

Ok, so my blogging started out slowly in October 2010.  I wanted to review books, was told the best way was to start a book review blog.  So I did.  Had no idea what I was doing.
Then about 9 months ago, I really started blogging and reviewing like crazy.  Hosting giveaways, linking up with blog hops and reviewing lots of books and some products.  Trying hard to gain more followers, preferably faithful ones who would actually READ what I blog about!
My little blog has grown SLOWLY over the past  year and a half - and my current Google Page Rank is STILL at a 2/10!
I just checked my adult fiction review blog (Faerotic Prose) which is used sporadically for adult fiction reviews a only a handful of giveaways.  I have had it for less than a year and do not spend nearly as much time on it as I do here, and my YA blog:  B'Tween Prose.
Now, somebody explain to me how Faerotic Prose can ALSO have a 2/10 Google Page Rank, B'Tween Prose has a 1/10,and Loves 2 Read STILL only has a 2/10?  That is so not fair,not right, and completely absurd!

Ok, this is my rant for today - PLEASE feel free to leave comments, share this emotional expulsion, tell me how silly I am or share your feelings on Google Page Rank . .  . just be kind, my emotions are fragile right now - (LOL)


  1. How is your backlink profile? Created a website exactly 28 days ago and it has a PR 2. My main website has a value of PR 4 in only a year and one month. Have a youtube page? Leave your link there... it's a do follow link of PR 9.

    1. thanks - great advice! I just found out from another blogger friend (only blogging 2 months also) that I have not done the "no follow" on links and most likely that has affected my rank! Why doesn't goodle/blogger make these things simple and explain them step by step to new bloggers? I've been on this blog for almost 2 years and am just figuring all this out - :)

      thanks so much for your comment! and for stopping by!

  2. Google is extremely hard on Blogspot blogs. I have blogs on Tumblr and another service known as Over-blog and they gain PageRank quickly. Some Tumblr blogs get a 3 at the first update. It's strange why Google doesn't take it's own platform seriously.

  3. With the latest Google SEO updates, like Panda en Penguin (yup, those are the real names), it's quite a challenge to get your page rankings up. Mine has 2 now. What you could try to do is be careful to sites that have a page rank of 0. Usually that means the site has been penalized.

    // Jan


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