May 7, 2012

Mommy Moments at the Doctor's Office

Ok, so do I now qualify as a "seasoned" parent?  I received a call from school at 12pm - My 7 year old, Allison hit her head on the playground and is bleeding!  Might need looked at -

So, I took her to her Pediatrician's office - she got 2 stitches, the would in by her right eye.  She was brave, and did Wonderfully - ME, not so much - I'm embarrassed to say that I nearly passed out on the way OUT of the office - the nurse called my husband to come "rescue me" and follow me home - **sheepish**

I really wasn't bothered, honestly, it is just my body not cooperating!  Ugh (of course the fact that I hadn't eaten in 4 hours, and it was warm in the room with no air MIGHT have something to do with it!  lol)

Have YOU had a similar experience?  Comment below and let me know about your kiddo's ER visits, minor emergencies or parent sqeamishes!

~ Susan

~~~added 5/9 ~~~

It may not look very big, but it was a BIG deal for us!


  1. My sister's had to take my niece to the ER for stitches in her hand due to a dishwasher being open, her second child broke her ankle off a trampoline and my sister herself actually busted open her chin while doing a back flip (failed) into a pool was rushed to the ER and needed stitches too. Kids will be kids, they'll all give us freak out moments. I just hope mine doesn't give me too many.

  2. So far, only the oldest has made an ER trip. He is also the only one of the three to ever go into "Shock" (as you described). That was after having his hemoglobin checked at his well check.
    I myself did it last week though. Our very active dog was being his normal active self, and we were in a hurry to leave. I was agitated, making the situation worse. I grabbed the dog by the collar, and got a handful of neck as well. He yelped, and instead of letting him go I foolishly drug him to me. He turned and nipped my hand. It broke the skin, which freaked me out. We play rough sometimes but he has NEVER hurt me. I realized later I'd hurt him (he ran off whimpering) and it was the fight or flight thing kicking in. I went inside and cleaned up and put a band aid on, but realized quickly I was going into shock. Hubby had to come in and take over. I had not eaten lunch, had a very traumatic/stressful afternoon (adult behaving like children), it was hot, and I was upset. It was scary and embarrassing though!

  3. When Joc needed a staple in the scalp, I almost cried. I had a WAY harder time than she did, LOL.

  4. Oh my, that must've really given you a scare! I can't imagine how I would handle such a situation, but there's always a possibility of that happening to my daughter :(

  5. Heh. My child shoved a straw up his nose once resulting in tons of blood. I was so panicked not knowing why he was bleeding but the first thing I did was call my husband. We figured out together what he did. I'm not normally squeamish with blood, but when its my child's blood I get panicky! But it was the last time he shoved a straw up his nose. I think he learned his lesson. ;)


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