Nov 9, 2012

Juppy Baby Walker Review ~ Check out my adorable niece

Easy on your back
Safer for baby's arms and shoulders  

I remember how much I had to bend over when my kids were first learing to walk.  After a few minutes I would have to stand up and stretch out my back.  I also have a friend whose little one ended up with a sore arm from a big sibling trying to "help" baby learn to walk.  I love the Juppy Baby Walker.  It definitely makes it easier for Mom or Dad to help baby learn while not causing sore back and shoulders for baby or parent!

My youngest is 4 and of course already walking, running, jumping and then some.  So I went over
to my SIL's house and "borrowed" my adorable niece for this review.  She seemed a bit puzzled at first when Mom and I put the Juppy on her.  But as soon as we got her set up, she started putting pressure on her toes and jumping.  It was so cute!

Since darling Scarlet is only 7 months old and not quite at the pre-walking stage, I bent down on the floor below mom and moved her little feet in a mock-walking pattern,  she just smiled and started moving her feet with me.  

(sorry - not sure why this picture keeps going sideways)

When I opened the package - I was impressed by the quality of the fabric used.  The outside fabric is a durable cotton, and the inside is lined with a softer cotton in the color of the trim.  The "handles" are strong and well-secured.  Juppy comes with a satiny pouch, so you can fold it and keep it clean, throw it in the diaper bag and take it anywhere.

The Juppy is great for early walking and pre-walkers.  "Mom" (my SIL) says that it is much easier than trying to hold baby by the hands or arms to help her learn to walk.  She likes how durable and secure the Juppy is and how easy it is to use.

**Juppy is one of the prizes in my All I Want for Christmas Giveaway event coming Nov 24th - Dec 10th-  winner will recieve their choice of either the blue or black Juppy and have it personalized as well (open to U.S and Canada)

Juppy just reduced the price of The Juppy Baby Walker from $29.95 to $19.95. This is because The Juppy “Momentum” is almost here and is going to be priced at $29.95

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  1. Your niece looks like she loved it! My niece wanted something like this for her baby shower. I might get this for her. Thanks for the review!

  2. Wow those look amazing, my back used to hurt so bad after trying to get my kids to walk for my next I'm getting one for sure.

    1. That's awesome...and your niece is adorable!

  3. Your niece is so adorable! This looks like a great product. I currently have 2 friends that are pregnant. I'll have to put this on my baby shopping list.

  4. I know people that need this!

  5. Super cute! I wish they had this when my kids where young!

  6. a friend is having a baby next going to have to look into this for her =]

  7. I wish I had known about this product when my daughter was learning to walk!

  8. This looks fabulous, and so much easier on the back! I know my back aches so much more these days. The Juppy would be great to use with little ones.


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