Nov 4, 2012

Norio Kids Indoor playsets ~ Review on Loves 2 Read

Remember how fun it was playing building blocks and spending hours to build your own creation as a child? Didn’t you wish you could shrink down and go into your creation?

Remember playing under a table, hiding in a closet or playing with a large and empty cardboard box for weeks instead of playing with your expensive toys?

Most of us almost forgot about how fun & exciting these moments were, but as a father of two children, I have encountered many situations where I can see in their eyes that they are going through the same experiences as I used to go through. That is why I created the Cocoro - Interlocking Playhouse System.

My Review :
My kids loved putting together this fun sturdy playhouse.  Though my son is a bit too big to play inside comfortably, he loved instructing his sisters in how best to build it.  He helped them get it put together and then each of the girls took turns playing inside.  It is the perfect size for my 4 year old, and my 8 year old can get inside, but cannot move around much.  I would be better for mulitple kids or bigger kids to have more than 1 set to play with.
This is a fun indoor activity for rainy or cold days, but the playset needs to be put together and played with gently.  As it is made of thick cardboard, and can be torn or crushed with rough play.
The set I received arrived in a large square box, and my main complaint is that there it no good way to store the playhouse when it is not in use - we carefully put all the pieces back in the box, but it does not close up so it just sits on a shelf in our basement out of the way.
I would love to see a bag or storage container included with these.  Other than that, it is fun and plain - so the kids can color it or decorate it any way they want.  

To purchase your own Norio Playset, visit this website:

There are many ways to set up these fun indoor playhouses - the more sets you have the bigger and more extensive your child's adventure can be . .

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