Nov 3, 2012

Mommy Moments ~ Finding the Right size dilemma

With Christmas coming up faster than I am ready for, I have started searching online for great coupon codes, free shipping and any deals I can find.  I came across some adorable "Hello Kitty" outfits for my youngest on Kohls' website but have the dilemma of whether to order size 6 or size 6X?  What is the difference?
Is the 6X wider than the 6?  Is it longer?  Why is there even a size 6X - what does that mean?

Do any of you wonderful parents out in cyberspace know the answer to my question?  Please drop me a comment below and help a frustrated mother determine whether it is best to order 6 or 6X - lol

Anyone else have size issues when shopping for kids' clothes?  My poor girls have so many different sizes that fit them due to each manufacturer making them differently - why can't all clothing makers create all sizes the same?

*my mommy rant for the day*

Aren't these adorable- I think Lydia will love them - she's a big Hello Kitty fan! 

I am the mother of 3 children - all active, energetic, stubborn at times and adorable when they want to be.  All Mommy Moment post and rants are my personal experience with life as a Stay At Home Mom ~ 

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  1. It worse with infants! My daughter ranges in sizes from 9 months (gymboree) to 18 months (carters) How is that even possible!!!!


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