Nov 20, 2012

Momnesia and more from Lori the Author!

Lori The Author
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MOMNESIA:  Struggling between her "momminess" and her "sexiness," an unconventional suburban mom diagnoses herself with Momnesia & sets about finessing a new version of her old vivaciousness!

HOUSE TRAINING DOGS: Whether you have a puppy who is first learning, an adult dog with ongoing confusion, or simply want to teach your pet to use a designated area, this book answers literally every question about housebreaking dogs!

GRAMNESIA (TO BE RELEASED APRIL 19, 2013): A couple of almost-empty-nesters, ready to launch into their new, quieter lifestyle, receive the surprise of their lives when a pregnant teenaged girl appears on their doorstep and announces that she's the daughter he never knew he had!

Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies and Adult Dogs

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Author Bio:  
Lori Verni-Fogarsi is the author of the novel, "Momnesia," which has recently been designated a National Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist. She has been a freelance writer, columnist, journalist, and seminar speaker for 15+ years, and has authored one nonfiction book, "Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies and Adult Dogs," which has been widely acclaimed in its genre. Lori is a happily married mom of two, step mom of two more, and has two cats, both rotten. Her next novel, "Gramnesia" has a release date of April 19, 2013. She invites you to learn more at or at the following links:


Lori The Author has generously donated a huge swag bag full of goodies for the All I Want for Christmas Giveaway coming Nov 24th - Dec 10th here on Mom Loves 2 Read - come back for a chance to WIN this amazing gift valued at $100+ which includes:

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